How will the convenience and freedom of Cognetive's wireless environmental sensor solutions save costs, conserve resources, improve asset utilization and increase your business intelligence?  OEM's and end user's alike rely on Cognetive's wireless sensor networks to acquire and deliver valuable information from areas where wired solutions are too costly, or too difficult to install.

When your business's critical applications require reliable monitoring, data logging, and automated alarming, Cognetive has a series of wireless sensor products that provide solutions.

Low Cost, Low Power, Battery Powered Wireless Sensors:

  • Temperature
  • Temperature & Humidity
  • Soil Water Retention
  • Vibration
  • Door Open / Close Status
  • 4-20 mA
  • 0-10 V
  • Contact Closure

The focal point of any Cognetive wireless sensor network, the Cognetive Gateway is a TCP/IP network device which receives, processes and stores data wirelessly transmitted from a multitude of Cognetive wireless sensors.  The Cognetive Gateway may be connected to your laptop or PC, your facility's local intranet, or the Internet via the Gateway's 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface.

No network connection available, or network connectivity undesirable?  The Cognetive Gateway may also be used as a simple Data Logger.  Simply set the Cognetive Gateway to Data Logger mode, and the Cognetive Gateway will automatically log acquired data to the Cognetive Gateway's Secure Digital (SD) memory card from which logged data can be retrieved at a later time.

NetBuilder is a web-based application hosted by the Cognetive Gateway.  Authorized users with a valid password and user ID may log onto the Cognetive Gateway via NetBuilder and upload an image file of the laboratory or building layout and create a sensor network map by dragging and dropping active sensor icons onto the physical lay-out image.  Roll over the active icons with your mouse and see the current status of any sensor.  Sensor nodes can be nicknamed, and alarm trigger-points and other alarm conditions may be configured.  Enter e-mail addresses or cell phone numbers for alarm delivery, and view graphical representations of historical data.

Cognetive wireless data acquisition products allow you to easily configure sensor alarm settings, alarm delivery mode (e-mail or text message), while you remain in possession and have complete control of your data.