Mobile Data Acquisition

Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) OEMs can now provide increased incremental value to their customers by incorporating Cognetive's Mobile Data Acquisition technology into their GPS based AVL product offering. Cognetive's battery powered wireless sensors and asset tracking fobs sense and acquire important information about the status and safety of fleet vehicles, cargo, and cargo environment.   Wireless sensors mounted within the cab or trailer acquire and forward valuable information wirelessly to the Cognetive Mobile Gateway.The Cognetive Mobile Gateway has an RS-232 interface for communication with the vehicle's existing GPS based locating device so that acquired data from the vehicle and cargo maybe forwarded to the AVL OEM's enterprise server for record keeping, and real-time presentation of status and alarms through the AVL OEM's enterprise software user interface.

Typical Applications in the Trucking and Automated Vehicle Location industry include:

  • Cold Chain Monitoring, i.e. Cargo Temperature & Humidity monitoring and recording
  • Trailer Matching (Trailer ID)
  • Trailer Door Status For Safety and Cargo Security
  • Extreme Shock or Vibration