Environmental Monitoring

What do Blood Banks, Vineyards, Refrigerated Vehicles and Data Centers all have in common? The answer is that each of these environments contains perishable resources and capital investments. Furthermore and in order to mitigate risk against loss, spoilage, or down time, each of these environments needs to easily and cost effectively monitor and log environmental conditions, as well as expect real time alarms so that appropriate corrective action may be taken before loss or spoilage occurs.

Whether your environmental monitoring needs arise from satisfying regulatory compliance and record keeping requirements, meeting HACCP guidelines, or realizing cost savings through resource conservation and improved asset utilization, Cognetive Systems can provide a wireless sensor solution that can meet your business objectives.

Cognetive's line of general purpose, plug and play wireless sensor solutions provide a simple and reliable environmental monitoring solution for many applications.

  • Precision Agriculture & Resource Conservation
    • Ambient Temperature
    • Wind Velocity
    • Soil Water Retention
    • Soil Temperature
  • Healthcare, Nursing Homes, Blood Banks, Laboratories
    • Hand Hygiene Performance
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Door Status
  • Food Service, Hospitality
    • Hand Hygiene Performance
    • Dispenser Status
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
  • Freight, Cold Chain Monitoring, Food Safety, Cargo Security
    • Cargo Temperature & Humidity
    • Trailer Matching (Trailer ID)
    • Trailer Door Status
    • Extreme Shock or Vibration
  • Smart / Green Buildings
    • Data Center Temperature
    • Data Center Humidity
    • Data Center Power Consumption