A privately held company located in Orange County, California, Cognetive Systems is an innovator in simple to use low cost, low power, wireless sensor data acquisition technology. Many of our initial, patented and patent pending applications presented us with performance objectives that were, and still are outside the scope of many of the ever growing number of wireless sensor technologies available today. To meet and exceed these objectives, Cognetive Systems invested in the development of a unique wireless sensor networking hardware and software platform from the ground up. Rather than simply integrate third party hardware and software modules designed to address broad scopes and applications, Cognetive Systems designed and developed a wireless sensor networking platform that specifically addresses applications requiring low power consumption and low networking overhead with characteristic data sampling requirements of seconds to hours.

Our experience with and commitment to low power consumption wireless solutions, combined with the advantage of having complete control over our products' hardware and software designs has allowed us to produce an architecture able to support and take advantage of emerging energy harvesting techniques.

While we have developed, and continue to develop wireless sensor solutions for specific, emerging applications such as Green Buildings, Precision Agriculture, and Motor Vehicle Telematics and Cargo monitoring, the flexibility and versatility of our designs lend themselves to be easily integrated into OEM products at the board level, or as private labeled, general purpose, standalone wireless solutions.

The use of sensors for acquiring and exploiting vital information has often been limited by the cost, difficulty and/or impracticality of running wires to sensors. Wireless sensor technology is just beginning to remove these barriers on a large scale. As the multitude of applications for wireless sensor technology continues to unfold, our goal is to remain at the forefront of innovating low cost wireless sensor solutions that are matched to those applications requiring low power, simplicity and reliability.