Gateway Devices


The Cognetive Gateway is a TCP/IP network device which receives data directly from Cognetive wireless sensors within its reception range, as well as from remote sensors via the Cognetive Repeater mesh network.  Error checked data is processed and may be stored locally on the Gateway's Secure Digital (SD) memory card and/or converted to Serial packets for output via the Gateway's RS-232 port, or TCP/IP packets which are output to the local intranet or Internet via the Gateway's 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface.

No network connection available, or network connectivity undesirable?  The Cognetive Gateway may also be used as a simple Data Logger.  Simply set the Cognetive Gateway to Data Logger mode, and the Cognetive Gateway will automatically log acquired data to the Cognetive Gateway's Secure Digital (SD) memory card from which logged data can be retrieved at a later time.

The Cognetive Gateway also hosts a sensor network set-up and management web application developed by Cognetive Systems called NetBuilder.  NetBuilder allows you to configure and deploy your sensor network, view graphical representations of acquired data, create custom reports, and manage data stored on the Gateway's SD memory card.  All of these management services are available via secured logon to the Cognetive Gateway over your local intranet, or remotely via the Internet.

  • Small foot-print 3" X 4.5" X 1.5"
  • TCP/IP compatible
  • Serial or IP packet output via RS-232 or Ethernet port
  • Supports PPP, SLIP, and SNMP protocols
  • Data logging capability via the unit's Secure Digital memory card
  • Hosts NetBuilder sensor network set-up and management software