NetBuilder Software

NetBuilder is a simple to use web-based software application that empowers users to design, build and deploy their sensor network, set sensor alarm trigger-points, configure e-mail or sms based alarms, view graphical representations of historical data, generate reports, and manage data that has been stored locally on the Gateway's SD memory card.

Simply activate your wireless sensors and they automatically register themselves onto the network and appear in the NetBuilder user interface.

NetBuilder allows you to assign nicknames to each of your sensors as well as configure sensor alarm trigger-points and mode of alarm delivery, i.e. e-mail or sms.

Once wireless sensors have registered themselves onto the sensor network and have been nicknamed and configured, NetBuilder allows you to import an image file of the area where your network will be deployed.  By using NetBuilder's easy to use network node drag and drop function, you can build your own graphical representation of the physical sensor network layout with active sensor node icons.

Roll over any active sensor icon with your mouse and see your asset's current sensor status.

NetBuilder also provides graphical and tabular representations of your data. Data maybe output in XML or CSV formats for post processing of acquired data.

If and when acquired data is to be stored locally on the Gateway's SD memory card, NetBuilder provides the data management services necessary to retrieve data over a local area network connection, or remotely over the Internet.

All of these sensor network management services are available via secured login to NetBuilder over your local intranet, or remotely via the Internet.

  • Intuitive, simple to use Graphical User Interface for designing, deploying, and managing your Cognetive Sensor Network.
  • Network node 'drag and drop' feature facilitates the creation of graphical representations of your physical network layout.
  • View and nickname sensors as well as set sensor alarm trigger points.
  • Manage alarm delivery mode, i.e. e-mail or sms.
  • Active sensor icons display sensor status on mouse roll-over.
  • View sensor network health.
  • Graphical presentation of historical data and data trends.
  • Manage acquired data storage, i.e. point at local SD memory card or local network.